At the time of starting the new website launch we are a team of two. But we see our real team number as a lot more than that as we like to think of you as a member of our team.

If you are taking the time to read this then the chances are you have a passion for radio controlled vehicles… well we do too and that gives us something in common… so feel free to join and be a part of our online community and share in the good spirit of all things radio controlled.

Our passion (or obsession perhaps) started for both of us back in the 1970’s when radio controlled cars were all the rage. That is where both of us started out, playing as kids with battery operated radio controlled cars. We quickly progressed on to petrol cars and then in the 1980’s remote controlled planes. It wasn’t actually until the 2011 onwards when we started with other flying machines such as helicopters, planes and drones – but now, we have all of those and even tanks!

Why We Love It…

It’s hard to put in to words why we are so passionate about our hobby, but each and every Sunday without fail we dedicate at least an hour of time to it. Individually, we also tinker and mess around during the week but Sunday is our day of test – putting our machines through their paces and enjoying every second of it.

We hope this website brings a little bit of joy to our fellow radio controlled friends or inspires someone to take up the hobby.